Bitcoin Baccarat

It seems on the online casino scene there’s a growing interest in the new phenomenon of Bitcoin baccarat. However it’s not some ground-breaking new addition, in fact it’s still the same game as it always was but you use Bitcoins instead of real cash amounts.

The gameplay and rules of this classic card game won’t change although you may want to see what type you’re playing first to avoid confusion. So check if it’s European Baccarat, Baccarat en Banque, Punto Banco or just the ordinary Americanised version before you start.

Thanks to the popularity of Bitcoins there’s a massive list of websites that now accept it. A few of these websites offer it up to their members as an alternate payment method, so you can still use credit cards but Bitcoins are also an option now. If you’re an aspiring Baccarat player and you want to try using Bitcoins but aren’t sure how to use them then worry not as getting started with them is incredibly easy.

To begin with you’ll need an ewallet that accepts Bitcoins, from there you just have to head to one of the several popular Bitcoin exchange websites to convert your cash. In the same way you use the post office to turn money into local currency when you’re going abroad; you use the exchange site to turn cash into Bitcoins.

If you’re unsure where to get the best value for money with your transfers the majority of Bitcoins casino sites have links to exchange sites, like Quick Bitcoin and Bit Bargain to name a few. After converting your cash just deposit it into your e-wallet, register on the casino account of your choice and start transferring your coins to your hearts content.

One of the reasons that Bitcoins are so popular is that they contain a few added bonuses; one great feature about Bitcoins is that they’re extremely difficult to steal as an intricate security system guarantees safety for your coins. If this sounds ideal and you would like to start using Bitcoins to play Baccarat then why not check out Bitcoin casino websites like Betcoin Casino or CloudBet to get started.

Not only do these websites have a nice selection of Baccarat games they also provide some rather enticing bonuses that guarantee to get some extra Bitcoins for your initial deposits.If you’ve never experienced the thrill of playing baccarat then don’t worry as these sites also offer some demo modes to let you practice and familiarise yourself with the controls. So next time you’re thinking about playing baccarat, why not try baccarat with Bitcoins.