Bitcoin Keno

As if Keno wasn’t popular enough it seems that one strange addition to the genre is making waves in the casino community. It’s nothing particularly game changing but the addition of Bitcoins rather than using real cash has become rather unexpectedly popular amongst Keno fans. The game of Keno still behaves the same way, you can still pick away at numbers on a board in a sort of turbo charged bingo fashion, but instead of a cash prize you win Bitcoins that you can then exchange for real money elsewhere.

Of course you may want to check whether the Keno game you’re playing pays out in casino credits or Bitcoins first just to avoid confusion. Because of Bitcoins growing popularity there are a vast number of different websites that now accept it as a form of payment. Some of these sites give their members Bitcoins as an alternate payment method alongside ordinary options like credit cards and PayPal. Others might have Bitcoins as their only option of financing your gameplay.

If you’re interested in using Bitcoins but find it all confusing then worry not as it’s actually surprisingly easy to get to grips with. First up you’ll need an ewallet that’s compatible with Bitcoins, then you just have to go to a Bitcoin exchange website to turn your cash into a lovely set of Bitcoins In the same way that you turn your money into the local currency when you’re going abroad. If you’re unsure where to go to exchange your currency for coins, most Bitcoin casino sites provide links to some of the more popular sites like Quick Bitcoin or Bit Bargain for example.

After you’ve converted your cash you can just transfer it into your ewallet and register yourself on the Bitcoin casino site of your choice. Once you’re registered you can transfer Bitcoins into and out of your account as often as you like. Bitcoins rising popularity with casino sites is thanks in part to some of the added bonuses the system brings. Bitcoins are incredibly secure thanks to their renowned security system that guarantees safety for your account and the coins within. Then there’s the ability to track your Bitcoins across multiple websites, unlike other options like credit cards where you could have multiple cards across several sites, to spare you the headache Bitcoins are universal and all your coins are stored in one place.

If this sounds to your liking, why not try using Bitcoins in your next game of Keno on a Bitcoin website like CloudBet, where you can play Keno as well as take advantage of some of their bonuses to get more Bitcoins for your buck. So the next time you’re looking for something fun to play, why not give Bitcoin Keno games a try.