Bitcoin Poker

In recent years a lot of online poker websites have begun using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Although it isn’t changing anything about the game as it’s still the same iconic card game albeit with a different method of letting you finance your matches. Gameplay is still the same as before, you still have to bluff your way to victory and there are no changes to the rules other than those of the version you’re playing.

Because of the explosion of Bitcoins popularity there’s now a rather large list of websites that will accept it. Most of these sites will use it as an alternate payment method alongside the usual staples of credit cards or PayPal. Some websites might only use Bitcoins and nothing else, then of course there is the niche websites that just have Poker and will accept only Bitcoins.

When it comes to actually getting Bitcoins the process couldn’t be easier, first you need to get an e-wallet that accepts Bitcoins.

After getting your ewallet you then just convert your currency into online Bitcoins through a dedicated Bitcoin exchange site. If you’re struggling to find a Bitcoin exchange site most Bitcoin casino websites usually contain information or direct links to the websites they rate the highest.

After you’ve got your coins you can deposit them into your e-wallet; from there you can create an account on the Bitcoin Poker site of your choosing and start transferring the Bitcoins in and out as often as you like.

Although it may seem strange, there are several good reasons for using Bitcoins. Perhaps the most important of which is that Bitcoins transfers instantly from one account to another eliminating the wait for funds to clear.

Bitcoins are also extremely difficult to steal thanks to their impregnable security system that guarantees safety for your coins, which is good news for those that might worry about their money.

When it comes to finding a website to play on you may want to start shopping around for those that offer the best games and value for money.

Websites like Betchain and Betcoin Casino for example have a nice selection of Poker games along with some enticing sign up bonuses that will get you some extra Bitcoins to play around with.

If you’ve never played poker before you may want to have a look at the help section, tutorial or demo modes these websites sometimes provide with their games to come up with you perfect strategy before you play any real matches. That way you can learn how to fold, call and play like all the other pros.

So the next time you see a Poker website that uses Bitcoins why not take some time try it out.




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