Bitcoin Slots

It seems that Bitcoin slot machines are on the rise, a recent surge in popularity of the digital currency has led to a widespread creation of websites that offer Bitcoin slot machines.

Don’t panic as nothing is changing as Bitcoin slots simply operate using Bitcoins instead of money, that’s as dramatic as it gets.

Bitcoin slots will still operate in the same way as regular slot games, depending on the title you may be using cash or casino credit; just check first if you want to avoid any confusion.

One of the best things about Bitcoin is that has become so popular that a ton of different websites now accept it, some offer it as an alternative alongside their standard payment options whilst others operate solely using Bitcoin.

For slot patrons who’ve haven’t used Bitcoins never fear as the system is easy to get started with. First you’ll need an e-wallet that accepts Bitcoins, just like how you would use PayPal to store your money; your ewallet is used to store your coins.

After you’ve opened your ewallet, you head over to a Bitcoin currency exchange website. In the same way you change your money into local currency when you’re going abroad, you change your cash into Bitcoins.

If you’re where to go to get Bitcoins most Bitcoin casino operators will usually have direct links to some of the major Bitcoin exchange sites like Bit Bargain or bitmorecoin for example.

Once you’ve got your coins, deposit them into your ewallet and create an account on the Bitcoin casino site you wish to use. Normally after creating an account you’ll be prompted to deposit your Bitcoins, after doing so you can then play as many slot games as you like.

Although it may seem more complicated than using cash, Bitcoins actually come with quite a lot of bonuses for using them. For example Bitcoins are difficult to steal as they operate with a complex security system. So In an age where online fraud is on the rise, this added security is a great piece of mind for those worried about their cash.

Another is that it’s easier to keep track of, so instead of using one credit card for one website and a separate card for another site, your ewallet is universal across these sites plus it has your money in one place.

If you’re interested in getting started with Bitcoins then why not check out or CloudBet to play some of your favourite slots this way. Not only do these websites have a large selection of Bitcoin slot games, they also have some great bonuses that will get some extra mileage out of your money. Plus if you’re new to the slot game genre there’s a few demo versions of the games available for you to practice on.

So next time you start thinking about playing some slots, why not try out some Bitcoin version because you might just enjoy them.