PlayFors Casinos

Playfors is one of the top names in casino software provision. But more than that, they offer various games integrated with Bitcoins, putting them ahead of the curve in the casino gaming world.

Playfors not only offer gaming products, they are a one-stop-shop. From anonymous games to software, CMS integration, 100% security and more, Playfors offers so much that it’s likely you’ve already played one of their games or navigated round one of their sites.

They offer the best and most up to date gaming experience, using HTML 5 technology meaning their software is also available to access via all types of tablet and smartphone device. Playfors’ mission is to give you the best, and if you’ve ever been on any sites which use their software, you’ll see that they are living up to this.

Below is a list of just some of the Bitcoin casino sites operating under Playfors, and the features and benefits of each:


Bitoomba is a colourful and eye-catching site set against a black backdrop. The highly functional site with its list of games and promotions visible on the homepage means that this attractive site translates well into mobile as well as on PC.

The games offered on Bitoomba are varied and incorporate casino classics like roulette and blackjack alongside some slot favourites like Wild Wild West and Lucky Pyramid.

Bitcoin is the only way to play here, and by depositing Bitcoins you’ll receive a fantastic welcome bonus of 100%, followed by an additional 25% bonus on all subsequent deposits. You’ll be able to enjoy your favourite games for even longer here!

Playcoin Casino

Playcoin Casino is a sleek, easy to navigate site in which everything can be accessed by the top bar on the homepage. Also situated on the homepage are all your games, meaning you don’t have to go far to get playing.

Most of the same Playfors games offered on Bitoomba are availables at Playcoin, meaning you’re getting a similar level of high quality gaming.

You’ll get the fairly standard 100% welcome bonus for making your first deposit at Playcoin Casino, but what really makes this site stand out is its constant 50% redeposit bonus on all subsequent deposits.

88 Bitcoin Roulette

This simple site offers just what it suggests: roulette. The snazzy homepage features a spinning roulette wheel and table – which is in fact the game board you’ll play on when you sign in! There is only one game on offer here, but it is presented so well that you can tell it needed its own site.

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